Evolution Album Release.

The much anticipated EVOLUTION is here! SILVASTONE’s fourth project marks a new era:

“I am so excited to finally present my new album! EVOLUTION encompasses me as a human being. As the world has changed, I have seen the importance of being able to adapt and grow with it, through both the struggles and the blessings. Beyond music, it is about inspiring people and helping others by drawing on my past experiences from growing up in war torn Sierra Leonne, to diversifying and growing my roles within music to reach success. I feel this is a huge part of my evolution that I want to show the world. It’s really been a journey of constant transition, levelling, plus affirming my personal growth. Welcome to my EVOLUTION”

True to his signature sound, SILVASTONE illustrates his ever-creative hybrid style of fusing various genres over a strong backbone of Afrobeats. Expect to hear healthy dosages of HipHop, UK Rap, R&B, UK Garage, Amapiano, Highlife, Soca and Dancehall, all intertwined cohesively in a very enjoyable Afro-fused project – each track sounds uniquely different yet carries SILVASTONE’s distinct sound. The pounding South African House drum beats that kick off the project’s lead track ‘Falling For You‘ will be familiar to many who follow him and of course fans of the Netflix Original series, Blood & Water, where it features. Keen ears will note how SILVASTONE has borrowed inspiration from the pioneering DJ Masterstepz to create his UKG banger, ‘Feeling Your Melody’, which was the second single released from the album. EVOLUTION’s opening track ‘Feeling’ and its follow-up, ‘Born Again‘, are already recent favourites of many of SILVASTONE fans since being released as singles and no doubt the familiar sample and interpolations used on ‘Hey Lover‘ will have you saving it as a new firm favourite, if the energy from SILVASTONE’s recent Listening Party is anything to go by. Elsewhere ‘Darling‘, ‘So Good‘ and the infectious ‘One By One‘ will have you reaching for the replay button. EVOLUTION closes on a high energy with an ingenious blend of Soca and Afrobeats on the irresistible ‘Home’  featuring Caribbean sensation, Triniboi Joocie. 

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